'Dust Lake City' disaster looming as Utah professor fights to save the Great Salt Lake
A century of human activity is coming back as toxic dust as the Great Salt Lake shrinks
After years of killing invasive species, native plants finally return to Utah Lake
All of northern Utah at risk for toxic dust from shrinking Great Salt Lake, scientist tells lawmakers
Annual 'Friends of Great Salt Lake' clean-up event sees record turnout
Bear River Massacre site commemorates 160th anniversary with ambitious restoration plans
Can the military and conservation coexist? Great Salt Lake says yes
Cox orders division to raise Great Salt Lake causeway berm another 5 feet
Dust hot spots: Where is Great Salt Lake's toxic dust most likely to originate?
Flyover of Great Salt Lake underscores the environmental challenges it faces
Great Salt Lake a sovereign entity 'worthy of legal rights,' group says
House Speaker Brad Wilson: ‘We are just getting started’ saving the Great Salt Lake
How did Utahns react when the Great Salt Lake hit its previous record low in 1963?
Is it too late to save the diminishing Great Salt Lake?
Lake questions: Does greater salinity lead to more evaporation in the Salt Lake?
Microbialites also tell the story of the Great Salt Lake’s worrisome decline
New initiative aims to get people to 'fall in love' with the Great Salt Lake again
New research and initiatives to help save the Great Salt Lake
Researchers, environmental groups call for 'emergency rescue' of Great Salt Lake
Saving the Great Salt Lake could cost billions, House Speaker says

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