The Great Salt Lake has shrunk to the lowest levels ever recorded. Through rigorous journalism, innovative storytelling and unique community outreach, the Great Salt Lake Collaborative explores solutions to save this critical body of water.

The Great Salt Lake Collaborative: A Solutions Journalism Initiative

We are group of news, education and media organizations that have come together to better inform and engage the public about the crisis facing the Great Salt Lake — and what can be done to make a difference before it is too late.


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The Northwestern Shoshone are prioritizing restoration of Battle Creek, which runs through one of the bloodiest sites in U.S. history. Pre...

Fox 13

12-06-2022 by Ben Winslow

TREMONTON, Utah — Charles Holmgren turns on a propane tank and turns on the flame on a nearby burner. He'll leave it going, while he does...

The Globe

12-02-2022 by McCaulee Blackburn

The Great Salt Lake Collaborative surveyed audience questions about the lake, and The Globe is publishing experts’ answers to your questions...

Fox 13

12-02-2022 by Ben Winslow

SALT LAKE CITY — A bill that would have dramatically changed how Utahns pay for water will not be advancing in the state legislature this ye...

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brine shrimp

4,190 feet

The lake’s lowest recorded elevation. Its volume and area has shrunk by about 50 percent.


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$1.32 billion

The economic value of the lake per year, from mineral extraction, brine shrimp cyst production and recreation.

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10 million

Number of migratory birds that stop at GSL to feed, nest and rest.

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