'We've got to find answers and then take the action,' Romney says of Great Salt Lake
Ambitious initiatives and shorebirds connect two saline lakes hemispheres apart
Come sail away: Great Salt Lake Marina in business as water rises
Flyover of Great Salt Lake underscores the environmental challenges it faces
Great Salt Lake is a 'pit stop' for 12 million birds
Great Salt Lake is up over 3 feet — but it has a long way to go to healthy
Great Salt Lake managers raise causeway berm in effort to stave off rising salinity
Groups sue Utah, trying to save Great Salt Lake with the public trust doctrine
How the Great Salt Lake’s dropping water level is affecting a Utah bird refuge
How Utah's record snowpack is impacting the Great Salt Lake's shorebirds
Increasing Great Salt Lake salinity predicted to impact Utah brine shrimp
Lawsuit filed against Utah demanding action to save the Great Salt Lake
New initiative aims to get people to 'fall in love' with the Great Salt Lake again
New wetlands project near Great Salt Lake is nature’s great cleanser
Reporter interview: American White Pelican colony abandons Great Salt Lake nesting site
The Great Salt Lake is shrinking, but habitat work means more birds
The Great Salt Lake isn’t just for the birds — it’s part of a water network that ties Utah to the rest of the West and the world
The Great Salt Lake’s ecological collapse has begun
Thousands of nesting birds have vanished at Great Salt Lake’s Gunnison Island
Utah's migratory shorebird surveys started up again after a 30-year hiatus and so far, numbers remain comparable

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