'A statewide task': Utah's water future will require collaboration, House speaker says
'It was critical': Berm raised to help save the Great Salt Lake
'It's a battle': Why there's a growing fight to stop phragmites around the Great Salt Lake
‘We must do whatever is necessary’: Mitt Romney’s bill funding study of Great Salt Lake sails through Senate
A drying sea half a world away carries a message for those worried about the Great Salt Lake
A major bill is introduced to help the Great Salt Lake
A solution to Great Salt Lake’s algal blooms? Pipe wastewater to where the brine shrimp graze.
Another wild idea to save the Great Salt Lake: Pumping groundwater with nuclear energy
Bill that sets up federal funding for studies of the Great Salt Lake heads to Biden's desk
Biologist says Great Salt Lake’s ecosystem is near collapse
Climate change could reduce Great Salt Lake's biodiversity
Cox issues emergency order to raise Great Salt Lake causeway berm
Cox orders division to raise Great Salt Lake causeway berm another 5 feet
Dear Legislature: Here’s what you can do in 2023 to save the Great Salt Lake
Flyover of Great Salt Lake underscores the environmental challenges it faces
Gov. Cox orders Great Salt Lake causeway be raised again in effort to stave off ecological collapse
Great Salt Lake brine shrimp fishermen ‘optimistic’ as yearly harvest begins
Great Salt Lake is up over 3 feet — but it has a long way to go to healthy
Great Salt Lake managers raise causeway berm in effort to stave off rising salinity
Great Salt Lake reaches new low point, ecosystem imperiled by salinity ‘tipping point’

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