'A terrible idea': Groups worry new inland port will harm Great Salt Lake refuge
'Buffer zone' between Great Salt Lake and inland port gets financial backing
'No single solution will cure the lake,' Great Salt Lake strike team report says
‘It’s a losing battle’: Approved Tooele inland port developments frustrate local residents
Are artificial wetlands, nearing completion at California’s Salton Sea, the future of the Great Salt Lake?
Environmentalists say inland port site threatens Great Salt Lake
Federal government awarding grants to improve wetlands
Flyover photos show current state of Great Salt Lake
Great Salt Lake is a 'pit stop' for 12 million birds
Great Salt Lake trust issues $8.5M to 8 projects seeking to protect lake's wetlands
Great Salt Lake trust offers millions for wetland protection
Great Salt Lake wetlands are the latest battleground with the Utah Inland Port
Inland port proposes wetland protections near Great Salt Lake
Lake lost almost 2 feet of '23 winter snowmelt to evaporation
New Jordan River 'blueprint' may have benefits for the Great Salt Lake
New project will use stormwater to create wetlands at the Great Salt Lake
New research and initiatives to help save the Great Salt Lake
New wetlands project near Great Salt Lake is nature’s great cleanser
Shorelands Preserve highlights recreation at Great Salt Lake
SLC looks to preserve a chunk of Great Salt Lake land as development encroaches

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