'They're supposed to put it all back': How new Utah rules aim to protect Great Salt Lake's water
A big bill designed to help the Great Salt Lake passes the legislature
A big bill on the Great Salt Lake advances after a tense hearing in the Utah legislature
A major bill is introduced to help the Great Salt Lake
Compass Minerals in talks with Ford, LG Energy to supply lithium products
Compass Minerals makes big claims about Great Salt Lake lithium but lacks state approvals
Do mineral extraction companies on the Great Salt Lake need more oversight?
Flurry of water bills advance at Utah Legislature
How the Utah Legislature handled the Great Salt Lake in 2024
Lawmaker says Great Salt Lake mining operation is like ‘wild wild West’
Mineral companies use 7% of Great Salt Lake’s water. Here’s how a bill would change their business.
Mining company responds to concerns about its plans at Great Salt Lake, but lawmakers aren’t happy
New lithium company wants billions of gallons from Great Salt Lake, but says it will put it all back
New threat to Great Salt Lake? Mineral company wants to extend its canals.
State scrutinizing company over lithium extraction from Great Salt Lake
These are the 2024 policy wins for Utah’s Great Salt Lake
Utah DEQ denies US Magnesium’s request to extend water canals deeper into the Great Salt Lake
Utah legislature to re-examine mineral extraction on Great Salt Lake
Utah proposes new rules on lithium extraction to protect the Great Salt Lake
Utah unveils plans to save the Great Salt Lake, but does it do enough?

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