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A poet is keeping vigil at the Great Salt Lake during Utah’s legislative session
Film fuses art forms and Indigenous voices in attempt to bring Great Salt Lake’s demise to the forefront
'Art is a good teacher': New public exhibit draws attention to the drying Great Salt Lake
‘Great Salt Lake is our future’: Utah youth aim to inform, collaborate and inspire change
‘Mother Earth cries’ but hope remains for the Great Salt Lake, says poet
A pouring out of love: Utahns gather for Great Salt Lake blessing ceremony
Advocates support saving Great Salt Lake with daily vigils outside capitol
An Antelope Island vigil raises awareness for the Great Salt Lake
Antelope Island hosts popular shed antler hunt amid shrinking Great Salt Lake
Art project shows students how drought threatens the Great Salt Lake area
Artists wanted as Salt Lake City looks to 'wake' the Great Salt Lake
Bear River pipeline no longer an option to aid in northern Utah growth
Club draws new and seasoned rowers to the waters of Great Salt Lake despite worries over its future
Collaborative panel and film screening asks, 'Is Great Salt Lake a Person?'
Could Utah children help shape the destiny of the ailing Great Salt Lake?
Farmington wildlife mural will represent ecosystem connection between Argentina, US
Great Salt Lake rally brings Native and youth voices to Utah’s Capitol Hill
Great Salt Lake wildlife mural bridges continents through migratory birds
Great Salt Lake-inspired words, music shared by visiting group from Harvard
Great Salt Lake’s hidden treasure to be largely left alone

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