Air quality

Owens Lake: A marvel of engineering and an environmental disaster
"We're not going to be silent": How Great Salt Lake dust could impact west siders
A century of human activity is coming back as toxic dust as the Great Salt Lake shrinks
A dusty tale in California and words of wisdom for Utah as the Great Salt Lake shrinks
A major air quality bill just got revived and is passing the Utah legislature
Air quality bill will be changed to target U.S. Magnesium
Art project shows students how drought threatens the Great Salt Lake area
Can the Great Salt Lake and its dust pollution derail Utah military operations? Officials look for answers.
Can this tweak to Utah vehicle law help reduce toxic Great Salt Lake dust?
Dust hot spots: Where is Great Salt Lake's toxic dust most likely to originate?
From Great Salt Lake to air quality, a new report details how Utah's environment is changing
Governor signs Great Salt Lake bills into law
Great Salt Lake dust events, Utah ozone issues get monitoring money
Great Salt Lake is still blowing dangerous dust
Great Salt Lake is up over 3 feet — but it has a long way to go to healthy
Great Salt Lake may be weeks away from new historic low
Great Salt Lake's dust could cost $1.5 billion to fix with costs 'skyrocketing' as more lakebed is exposed
Groups sue Utah, trying to save Great Salt Lake with the public trust doctrine
How Alta's 'dirtiest' snow year ended its 2022 snowmelt process 2 weeks early
How much did Utah's record snowpack help the Great Salt Lake?

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