Utah's capital city will always be connected to the Great Salt Lake through its name.

And as the lake continues to struggle as a result of factors like drought and overconsumption, it will likely impact the city's future in various ways, including more dust events. That's why the topic figures to be one of many that city voters will consider ahead of this year's mayoral race.

It's also an issue that all three candidates — Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall, former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson and community activist Michael Valentine — have expressed concern over leading up to the Nov. 21 election.

With that in mind, the Great Salt Lake Collaborative reached out to all three candidates in this year's race to ask them their thoughts on the lake before residents fill out their ballots. 

The Collaborative didn't fact check or change their answers. We gave them a 200-word limit per question. 

KSL Reporter
Carter Williams is an award-winning reporter who covers general news, outdoors, history and sports for KSL.com. He previously worked for the Deseret News. He is a Utah transplant by the way of Rochester, New York.

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