Question by Michael Holmes

Interesting idea. Jaimi Butler, coordinator of Westminster College’s Great Salt Lake Institute, thinks conservation and alternative restoration efforts may be the best choice for now. 

One concern with bringing ocean water to Great Salt Lake is the possibility of creating an imbalance in saline levels. This option is also more expensive than what is currently being implemented by Utah lawmakers, she said. However, Utah lawmakers are now considering it.  

Michael’s idea isn’t too far out there, though. This inventive concept has been used to restore saline lakes before. 

A water restoration project in Southern California called Tres Lagunas is importing circulated ocean water from Laguna Salada to restore the Salton Sea. This restoration project will help decrease saline dust, improve air quality, and reduce rising temperatures in nearby areas. 

Creative ideas such as these may be what saves Great Salt Lake in the end. So keep on brainstorming!

—Reported and written by McCaulee Blackburn