Question by Shawn Beus, Farmington, Utah 

 The Great Salt Lake could be seen on license plates in Utah through two different avenues: a standard issue plate or a special group plate.

For a standard issue plate—like the ones depicting a skier or Moab Arches—the Utah Legislature would need to pass a law and allocate funds, said Jason Gardner, the Director of Legislative Affairs at the Utah Department of Motor Vehicles. If such a law was passed in the upcoming 2023 Legislative session, it could be available by Oct. 15, 2023.

Another alternative is a group license plate which could “generate revenue for a cause, such as restoration or protection of the Great Salt Lake,” Gardner said.

First, an organization or group would need to gather 500 signatures of applicants who want to apply. “We would produce the plate,” Gardner said. The money for the license plate would go directly to the special group.

Dozens of these types of plates already exist, to support groups ranging from Utah’s colleges to veterans groups.

—Reported and written by McCaulee Blackburn