Text and sketches by Nephi Rudolph Hacken, edited by Richard Hacken

These personal recollections contain the visual and textual report of an eyewitness to Saltair when it was a salt production factory town, complete with rented company housing. That eyewitness was my father, Nephi Rudolph (“Cap”) Hacken, who was born in one of the factory houses in 1912. Bearing a first name given to him by enthusiastic LDS converts, he eventually developed the nickname “Cap” to reflect his status as a “captain” of a series of sailboats on the lake. I am his son. When he died in 1994, I inherited his papers and artwork and compiled them into a self-published book, "I Remember Utah." These pages are excerpts from that book (which is freely available on the Internet). Until my retirement in August of this year I was the European Studies and Linguistics Librarian at the BYU Library. 

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