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‘To Protect and Conserve’: Las Vegas has strict outdoor watering restrictions (with fines!) Should Utah do the same?
A poet is keeping vigil at the Great Salt Lake during Utah’s legislative session
Las Vegas ups the ante on turf buybacks: New Nevada law bans all ‘nonfunctional’ turf by 2026
Owens Lake: A marvel of engineering and an environmental disaster
Utah's snowpack reaching 2021 low levels
'A statewide task': Utah's water future will require collaboration, House speaker says
'Art is a good teacher': New public exhibit draws attention to the drying Great Salt Lake
'Celebrating small wins;' Great Salt Lake rises a foot since historic low
'Dust Lake City' disaster looming as Utah professor fights to save the Great Salt Lake
'It matters ... when your water goes away': Reexamining the end of Utah's 'lost oasis'
'It was critical': Berm raised to help save the Great Salt Lake
'It's a battle': Why there's a growing fight to stop phragmites around the Great Salt Lake
'On my watch we are not allowing the lake to go dry,' Utah's governor says of Great Salt Lake
'We've got to find answers and then take the action,' Romney says of Great Salt Lake
‘A crisis of faith’: spiritual leaders convene at Capitol to call for Great Salt Lake action
‘Embrace the salt’ — A kayaker’s quest to share up-close views of an ‘epic’ but shriveling Great Salt Lake
‘It really hit home how bad it is’: Utah lawmakers get aerial tour of Great Salt Lake
‘It was fantastic.’ Pilot revels in Great Salt Lake’s wonders
‘It’s just idyllic’: Great Salt Lake Rowing Club plows ahead, despite low water levels
‘Just add water and stir’ — Owens Lake shows Utahns that even when salty lakes hit their lowest point, they can recover
‘Mother Earth cries’ but hope remains for the Great Salt Lake, says poet
‘Pray for snow’ — Utah lawmakers tour the vanishing Great Salt Lake from the sky
‘Very positive change.’ New Utah law will be an important step toward saving the Great Salt Lake.
‘Water is not going to magically appear,’ says Interior’s Tanya Trujillo
‘We must do whatever is necessary’: Mitt Romney’s bill funding study of Great Salt Lake sails through Senate
$40M Great Salt Lake trust beginning work with newly formed council
50 million gallons of water begins daily diversion to Great Salt Lake
A brine shrimp bid for Utah’s state crustacean
A century of human activity is coming back as toxic dust as the Great Salt Lake shrinks
A dusty tale in California and words of wisdom for Utah as the Great Salt Lake shrinks
A major air quality bill just got revived and is passing the Utah legislature
A solution to Great Salt Lake’s algal blooms? Pipe wastewater to where the brine shrimp graze.
After decades of waiting, Antelope Island State Park visitor center is getting a $13 million makeover
After Great Salt Lake bill stalls, some question legislature's commitment
Air quality bill will be changed to target U.S. Magnesium
All of northern Utah at risk for toxic dust from shrinking Great Salt Lake, scientist tells lawmakers
Ambitious initiatives and shorebirds connect two saline lakes hemispheres apart
An Antelope Island vigil raises awareness for the Great Salt Lake
Annual 'Friends of Great Salt Lake' clean-up event sees record turnout
Another wild idea to save the Great Salt Lake: Pumping groundwater with nuclear energy
Are trees ‘the enemy?’ “Yellow Cake” legislators claim logging can save Great Salt Lake, but scientists are doubtful.
Are you watering your lawn wrong? USU’s Water Checkers will help you figure it out
Art project shows students how drought threatens the Great Salt Lake area
As the Great Salt Lake fades away, so do its islands
Bear River Massacre site commemorates 160th anniversary with ambitious restoration plans
Big dam, small dam, no dam — What’s the right water answer for this growing Utah community?
Bill bans HOAs from requiring lush, green lawns
Bill creating water conservation nonprofit passes House committee
Bill designating brine shrimp as Utah’s crustacean passes first test
Bill may help water conservation efforts
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