Utahns soon may be able to choose a Great Salt Lake themed license plate.

A bill that would create a Great Salt Lake special license plate and direct revenue toward lake-related preservation efforts passed committee Thursday, Jan. 19. 

The Senate Transportation, Public Utilities, Energy, and Technology Committee approved Sen. Jen Plumb’s SB92 with a vote of 3-1. Sen. Wayne Harper, R-Taylorsville, was the only nay vote.

The plate would cost $25 at the time of registration in addition to any applicable license plate fees. Revenue from the sale of the plates would go into the Sovereign Land Management Account. Plumb, D-Salt Lake City, envisions small local agencies applying for those funds for research or education surrounding the lake.

“They wouldn’t be enormous amounts, but…$50,000 to an organization that is unfunded and is doing good work is a game changer,” Plumb said. 

The idea came from two of Sen. Plumb’s constituents who reached out to her directly: a biologist and a municipal government worker. As a new senator, Plumb acknowledged that she would most likely not get the funds she was looking for to make a larger impact, hence the license plates. Still, Plumb said she is “excited” about the approval.

“We have got to do everything we can,” Plumb said. “It’s admittedly a very small step, but you know, it’s all the steps.” 

If the Legislature approves the bill, the legislation would be enacted Nov. 1.

Great Salt Lake Collaborative Intern
Alexis Perno is a third year student at the University of Utah studying journalism and social work. Alexis aims to explore the intersection between social work and journalism in the future, namely through the world of macro social work, focusing on making an impact at the political and community level. Check out Alexis’ other journalistic endeavors at SLUG Mag, where their fierce love of music is allowed to shine. You can find them showing off their cat at every opportunity on Instagram @alexis.perno

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